Spider Fever

The Brain-blasting & overwhelmingly exhilarating energy that seethes through these first tracks by San Diego's Spider Fever is what hooked us Cave Punker's immediately. With two perfectly raw & impeccably loud songs barreling outta' punk's original seeping wounds.

Spider Fever is the first band to be fronted by Mario Rubalcaba, who is featured here on Vocals & guitar (who is usually behind the drum kit of many bands such as, OFF!, Earthless, Hot Snakes, RFTC etc...) Also in the stew is Dean Reis (who shared membership w/Mario in the Sultans and played in The Heartaches), Cody Young on drums (Widows) & Billy Baggins on guitar ( The Heartaches) rounds out the Wall Of Pain sound that Spider Fever so vehemently displays.

With their second 7" release (first on Hozac records) Spider Fever taking it back to a time & sound when punk splattered the walls & shattered the windows with it's cranked beyond recognition vibe & volume, bands & influences such as the Saints, Testors, Pagans or lost 90's texan's, The Mullens, have a solid place in the heart of Spider Fever's approach, Harsh, to the point Punk Rock-n-Roll.

So blast the main vein to the fullest & get bit by this lustily packaged 7" presented by yours truly...